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Dual Safety valves for Presses

Taco dual safety valves are designed to operate the brake and clutch of a mechanical presses. These valves are intrinsically safety, so in case that any part of the valve doesn’t work properly all the pressure air comes from the inlet port to exhaust port. There are two different models:

MVS series is a valve with a parallel flow and there is three different series: without monitoring, with limit switch type monitor and proximity switch type monitor.

3500 series is a valve with two different options with a parallel flow and cross flow.

Taco Dual Safety Valves for Mechanical Presses

Threads in MVS series are from Rc3/4" to Rc 2"in Exhaust port. Threads in 3500 series are from Rc 3/4" to Rc 1-1/4" in Exhaust port. Different voltages available as 110VAC 50 Hz, 220VAC 50 Hz and 24VDC.

Air pressure tank control

This system controls the correct pressure in the air compressed large tanks. The concept is to maintain the adjusted pressure inside the tank. If there is too much pressure the system open the pneumatic valve to exhaust it up to the correct pressure is reached, if there is too low pressure on the tank, the same pneumatic valves is actuated to allow the air enter in to the tank up to reach the adjusted value.

Taco control pressure device for air compressed tanks

This system has three different parts; the digital control box H30, the pressure transducer S12, this transducer has to be mounted in the air tank and the pneumatic valve type H18 or H1B. In case that the machine has and PLC then the system can work without the control box H30.

Our brand in safety press machines devices is Taco
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